PostHeaderIcon Via Support Ticket?

We have a highly organised Support system built up in the billing manager. We can reach you the best if you open a support ticket by logging into your account. This will help us keep a track of the problems you are facing and can be helpful to solve any other problems.

Kindly Log into your account in the billing manager located here and open the ticket with the maximum amount of information you can provide us with:

PostHeaderIcon Via Email?

Contacting our Support Staff via Email is one of the most efficient ways of obtaining support. Emails are checked at a daily basis and also several times during the day. Hence we would never let you fall back with any problems you are facing.

Kindly Contact us on the following Email ID's in relevance to your case.
For Website Support, Kindly Email us at
For Abuse reports, Kindly Email us at
For Sales Queries, Kindly Email us at

PostHeaderIcon Via Live Chat?

Live Chat's enables the customer to communicate with the support team on an instantaneous basis. You can now contact us at WJunk Hosting Co. so that you can attain the best support on the tip of your fingers.

PostHeaderIcon Via Telephone?

The telephonic support system has not yet been launched due to the process of dealing with toll free agents. We will have them up for you in near future.